Youth Court



Youth Court is a delinquency prevention program created to reduce recidivism and hold first-time offenders accountable. Youth Court does not determine guilt or innocence, as the juvenile offender must admit their guilt to be eligible for Youth Court. The juvenile offender is then judged by a jury of his/her peers who decide what form of sanctions/conditions to impose. Successful completion of the program will allow first time offenders to keep their juvenile court record clean.


If interested in being an adult volunteer or know of a youth in the community that may be interested in volunteering, please contact the appropriate coordinator listed below.


Mission Statement: To provide a community-based intervention and prevention program and alternate response for the juvenile justice system for first time nonviolent offenders in which community youth determine the appropriate sanctions for the offender. Youth Court will hold juvenile offenders accountable in an effort to promote long-term behavioral change that leads to enhanced public safety.


Youth Court Coordinators:

Dickinson CountyMatt Whitehair(785) 263-3054 ext. 316
Geary CountyCourtney Parker(785) 762-3105 ext. 1356
Marion CountyNo current program
Morris CountyAnita Salas(620) 767-6838 opt. 3