Geary County Courthouse


Geary County District Court

138 E. 8th St.
Junction City, KS  66441
Phone: (785) 762-5221
Fax: (785) 762-4420


Option 1Jury Information
Option 2Clerk of the District Court
1. To obtain copies of court records
2. Marriage License Information
3. Accounting
4. Criminal
5. Juvenile, Adoption, Probate
6. Traffic, Fish & Game Citations
7. Domestic Relations
8. Limited Civil
9. Civil, Small Claims
Option 3Judges' Chambers
Option 4Court Administration/Court Reporter


Hours of Operation: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday - Friday


The Clerk of the District Court office is responsible for keeping records on all cases filed with the Court concerning the following: Marriage Licenses, Traffic Tickets, Fish & Game Citations, Probate, Criminal, Small Claims, Limited Civil, Civil, Juvenile, Adoption, Care & Treatment, Domestic Relations, Child Support, and payments for court costs, fines, and fees.


Mission Statement: The mission of the Office of the Clerk of the District Court is to create and maintain an accurate and durable record of the proceedings of the District Court, and to provide timely, efficient and respectful service to the Judges of the District Court, the legal community, and the public.


Supervisory Staff:

Patty Aska, Clerk of the District Court - (785) 762-5221, extension 1431

Teresa Laemmle, Trial Court Clerk III - (785) 762-5221, extension 1443

Lori Welch, Trial Court Clerk III - (785) 762-5221, extension 1430


Judges and Staff:

The Honorable Steven L. Hornbaker - (785) 762-5221, extension 1455

Lynn Hartung, Secretary - (785) 762-5221, extension 1455

The Honorable Ryan W. Rosauer - (785) 762-5221, extension 1434

Samantha Karmann, Secretary - (785) 762-5221, extension 1434

The Honorable Maritza Segarra - (785) 762-5221, extension 1441

Allie Hawkes, Secretary - (785) 762-5221, extension 1441

The Honorable Charles A. Zimmerman - (785) 762-5221, extension 1427


Judges' Chambers Fax: (785) 762-1337


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