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Junction City, KS  66441
Phone: (785) 762-2583
Fax: (785) 762-3903

Toll free within Kansas: (800) 365-7638



The Kansas Payment Center NO LONGER ISSUES PAPER CHECKS for support payments. To sign up for Direct Deposit or Debit Card visit If you do not choose an option, you will be sent a debit card automatically.


The Eighth Judicial District Court Trustee Office is assigned the responsibility to monitor and enforce orders of financial support issued by the district courts of Dickinson, Geary, Marion and Morris counties. All enforcement actions provided for by law are available to the District Court Trustee Office. Additionally, the District Court Trustee Office may file actions to establish paternity, and establish, or modify support orders. The District Court Trustee Office also participates in interstate enforcement actions with support enforcement agencies from all fifty states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Territories and many countries. The District Court Trustee Office cannot assist parties in obtaining a divorce, dividing property, or in the establishment of child residency or parenting time orders. Contact the District Court Trustee office to apply for support enforcement services. Non IV-D support enforcement services are provided at a charge of 3% of the amount collected.


In contractual cooperation with the Office of the Attorney General of Kansas the Eighth Judicial District Court Trustee Office assists the Dickinson, Geary, Marion and Morris county district courts collect victim restitution, court costs and fines. Crime victims that have been awarded restitution judgments may obtain an application for collection services from the District Court Trustee Office.


Eighth Judicial District Rule 2011-01 governs the operations of the Eighth Judicial District Court Trustee Office.


District Court Trustee Staff

Case assignments are made in alphabetical order according to the last name of the person who is responsible for the payment of family support or court costs and fines.


Tracy MarionLegal SecretaryA - GIDZ 
Mary VornesLegal SecretaryGIE - NAZ 
Janet LockwoodLegal SecretaryNB - ZZ 
Tanya CarpenterLead Legal Secretary 1215
Ed WheelerDistrict Court Trustee / Atty
GearyA - K
DickinsonA - K
MarionA - Z
Greg KiefferDeputy Trustee / Atty
GearyL - Z
DickinsonL - Z
MorrisA - Z


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