Court Services

Court Services is a state agency administered through the Office of Judicial Administration. Court Services provides supervision of adult and juvenile offenders who have been placed on probation or juvenile diversion from the District Court and carries out the orders of the court in a timely, professional, and ethical manner consistent with community interests and safety. Court Services also conducts all pre-sentence investigation reports ordered by the Court. Court Services does have an officer residing in each county to monitor adult and juvenile offenders. Court Services also sponsors the Youth Court program.

Court Services Mission Statement

To fulfill the goals and objectives of the agency. To carry out the orders of the court in a timely, professional and ethical manner that is consistent with community interest and public safety by monitoring at-risk behaviors. Court Services strives for exemplary professionalism while challenging, educating and training officers.

County Court Services Contact Information

Dickinson County Court Services

109 E 1st St, 1st Floor
Abilene, KS 67410
Phone: 785-263-3054
Fax: 785-263-4407

Geary County Court Services

801 N Washington Street, Suite B
Junction City, KS 66441
Phone: 785-762-3105
Fax: 785-762-1794

Marion County Court Services

200 S 3rd Street
Marion, KS 66861
Phone: 620-382-3765
Fax: 620-382-2610

Morris County Court Services

501 W Main Street
Council Grove, KS 66846
Phone: 620-767-6838, Option 3
Fax: 620-767-6284

Court Services Staff


  • Loyce Smith, Chief Court Services Officer
  • Courtney Parker, Court Services Officer II
  • Matt Whitehair, Court Services Officer II

Line Officers

  • Jay Egger, Court Services Officer I (Geary)
  • Michael Dinwiddie, Court Services Officer I (Geary)
  • Michael Forbes, Court Services Officer I (Geary)
  • Shawn Kirby, Court Services Officer I (Dickinson)
  • Amber Knapp, Court Services Officer I (Geary)
  • Breanna Markley, Court Services Officer I (Marion)
  • Steven Olson, Court Services Officer I (Dickinson)
  • Victoria Rumbaugh, Court Services Officer I (Geary)
  • Anita Salas, Court Services Officer I (Morris)
  • Alicia Stone, Court Services Officer I (Geary)

Support Staff

  • Andrea Young, Secretary I (Geary)

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