Special Requirements in Marion County

Honorable Courtney D. Boehm (D02)

Honorable Courtney D. Boehm oversees cases involving:

  • Civil Actions pursuant to Chapter 60 (excluding Domestic Relations)

Judge Boehm has no special requirements listed.

Honorable Benjamin J. Sexton (D01)

Honorable Benjamin J. Sexton oversees cases involving:

  • All recusals from Judge Boehm (D02) and Judge Robson (D03) which are outside the jurisdiction of District Magistrate Judge.

Judge Sexton has no special requirements listed.

Honorable Margaret F. White (M02)

Honorable Margaret F. White oversees cases involving:

  • Preliminary hearings as scheduled on the first and third Wednesdays in Courtroom 1
  • Civil actions involving child support or court debt collection as scheduled by the Court Trustee, and those involving child support enforcement scheduled by the Young Williams law firm
  • Civil actions pursuant to Chapter 61, including Small Claims

To learn more about these proceedings, review Judge White's Special Requirements (PDF).

Honorable Susan C. Robson (D03)

All other cases not listed above are assigned to Judge Robson.

Judge Robson has no special requirements listed.